Several years ago when my parents decided to move from Texas to Georgia, it was so that my wife, our children and I could assist my father with some of the caretaking of my mother, who’s health had been slowly failing for some years.  Mom’s congestive heart failure and other ailments meant that she […]

They’re watching! A well-intended parishioner said the exact words of this post title to me one Sunday after Mass. Said in part out of concern, partly an admonition, I couldn’t help but be grateful to him for approaching me. The message was indeed delivered in a way and by one who cared for my safety.  It […]

St. Hildegard, Doctor.

The other day I was re-acquainted with somebody with whom (we’ll call him ‘Jim’), many years ago, I had been somewhat of a business adversary. He had some success in his field and received some local notoriety.  Several years ago ‘Jim’ had several professional and personal set-backs and became disgraced. Shortly thereafter he “disappeared” from public view. Some of my colleagues […]

St. Gregory Nazianzen, Doctor, on The Baptism of the Christ.

St. Augustine, Doctor, on The Holy Family.

Homily: Modeling Your Family After The Holy Family.